The Regal Link Association

Our Founder and CEO, Endo Ukoha Ajike created RLA because he saw the need for a sole intermediary to take charge of the general off market space for the benefit of Principals that enjoy privacy. Witnessing the daisy chains, misrepresentation of sellers deal objectives and desire of brokers to hit homeruns, The Regal Association was born after insightful conversations with industry landlords and his mentors to understand the ideal private transactional space.
RLA is the only off market real estate intermediary in which all transactions have buyer and seller represented by one or more of our closers. In order for us to create synergy between our clients, we understand and specifically find assets that fit respective acquisitions criteria, in doing so, we eliminate the need for an asset to be marketed and go straight to the negotiations and deal room with the intently interested parties.

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As our reputation has grown, we are able to leverage our relationships in the favor of selling principals who want to dispose of an asset, or portfolio to a pre-determined list of potential buyers who see their assets as an acquisition match.
The Regal Link Association’s purpose within the intermediary realm is to make transactions for both sides of the table more efficient than not only the infallible off market but also the general market. This accomplished first and foremost by having all “brokers” under one roof, trained in unison and moving towards our objectives of the satisfying of our clients and creating an efficient, private marketplace to complete exclusive transactions.

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