The Off Mrkt Network

“The Off Mrkt Network” was created to bring structure and foundation to the alternative method of completing medium to large multifamily transactions known as Off Market deals. As being the only recognized marketplace by established Family offices and Private institutions for high barrier of entry transactions, TOMN is the premier sphere for Private, and Exclusive deals nationwide.

TOMN serves the purpose of providing its Principal Members of respective institutions the ability to synergistically transact amongst one another due to the high barrier of entry pillar that supports “The Off Mrkt Network”. TOMN member Principals represent well known, and highly respected institutions, family offices, and Investment firms within the Multi Family Sphere of real estate. The high barrier of entry for transaction participation allows Principal members to know that each transaction they participate in has the intention to close based on terms agreed upon.

Spanning from California to Miami with 100’s of Principals, TOMN provides the ability for multiple methods of disposition that allows it to expand and act as a general marketplace for private transactions. Its unique function is in the ability to create arm’s length transactions between its Member Principals without the excess need to market and locate the adequate shop to purchase the asset.

We have seen in recent economic times, the value of assets decrease simply because of its mass exposure when placed on the market, this leads to retrades, pulled assets and unhappy investors. In turn, the exclusivity that TOMN provides hedges against those factors because an asset is only exposed to the principal(s) we know want it.

Founded and Operated by The Regal Link Association, its only Intermediary, it has evolved the benefit and reasoning behind disposing of assets privately and in an exclusive environment. The distinct nature between TOMN and Off Market as it is known to the industry is the backing of one intermediary house which connects all Principal Members together under one hub.

The purpose of TOMN is not to replace the traditional market, nor provide discounted assets to acquisition Principals at the detriment of disposing Principals. It was designed to service the Principals who prefer to complete transactions behind closed doors and without fanfare.


Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Within
the Firm and Across Our Portfolio

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